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Teddy Bear Hospital


Teddy Bear Hospital is a project for children between the ages of 4-7 with the aim of introducing them playfully to what is going on in the hospital.


They then come to the hospital with their "sick" hug and are accompanied by experienced "teddy bear doctors".

These teddy bear doctors are medical students who go through specific stations with their children for a whole day.


The children first go to the doctor and explain what is going on with their sick hug. Then they go with their doctor to the Rx to take a photo and to the plaster room and the operating theater. We finish off with a visit to the pharmacist, where the cuddly toys still receive the necessary pills (read sweets). So they do not have to undergo any treatment themselves and are in control of what is happening.


With this project, we want to familiarize the children with the hospital environment and thus playfully eliminate the fear that exists for doctors and for the hospital. It is also a great way for students to gain experience in dealing with children.

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