EMSA Antwerp is an association with members spread over the different bachelor's and master's degrees in medicine at the University of Antwerp.


EMSA stands for "European Medical Students' Association". Which means that EMSA Antwerp is part of the umbrella association EMSA Europe. Furthermore, our association is also affiliated with IFMSA (International Federation of Medical Students' Associations) and BeMSA (Belgian Medical Students' Association).

This gives us many opportunities in terms of collaborations with students around the world. We organize professional and research exchanges for our own students, but we also receive students for an exchange in Antwerp. We also organize an annual "Twinning project" and a social program for the "Summerschool on Vaccinology" of the University of Antwerp.


In addition, we have been known for years for organising projects such as Teddy Bear Hospital, Heart for life, AMSC (Antwerp Medical Students ’Congress),… All unique events in themselves where every member can use his or her talents. EMSA Antwerp fully supports its active members who volunteer to organize these various projects.


These different projects each pursue one of the different goals of EMSA Antwerp. Some of these goals are:

  • Spread medicine and basic medical knowledge about people (by teaching, inter alia, sex education and first aid in schools)

  • Offer additional addition to our training (by organizing symposia for example)

  • Creating international opportunities for our students (by, among others, the professional and research exchanges) ...

  • ...

Be sure to visit this page for more information about all our different projects.