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Project SOS 


At Project SOS we go to different high schools for a few afternoons to break the taboo on contraceptives, sex and relationships among young people.  


After a short introduction, we start with the contraception. We go through the various options and always listen first to what the students already know about it and then supplement or improve if necessary.


Among other things, we are talking about the type of protection, which partner must bring it in or take it, as well as the cost price. While we go around with a practice penis to get every student to practice putting on a condom. We then use our so-called 'topics-rad' to discuss numerous topics related to sexuality and relationships, such as sexting, #MeToo, first time and body image. There are various forms of interactive teaching that range from a group discussion to a small group drawing up a step-by-step plan.  


We end the afternoon with question time. Because different students have pressing questions, but they do not always dare to ask them in groups, we let them note them anonymously on a note and so we can go through them in class. Often other students can also answer this themselves, or formulate their opinion on a specific question and we will top it up again if necessary.  


The reason you definitely have to participate in this project is that you come into direct contact with young people and can enter into discussions with them. What is mentioned in the lessons is often experienced by them as valuable. And also for the teachers there is a lot of gratitude and once the ice is broken the atmosphere is also very pleasant.

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