Heart for Life


Cardiovascular disease remains the leading cause of death among us and in other industrialized countries. In Belgium, cardiovascular mortality accounts for 45% of all deaths.


EMSA Antwerp has been organising “Heart For Life” for several years in a row. This project is an awareness-raising campaign that focuses on the risk of cardiovascular disease in the common population. Once a year, voluntary medical students of the University of Antwerp come together in the city center and interested passants can participate for free . 


How does it work? 

  • they perform a blood pressure measurement

  • they measure weight, height and abdominal circumference

  • they go through an official questionnaire from Domus Medica (general practitioner organisation)


With all this information, they show a calculated risk of a fatal heart disease.
Furthermore, they promote a healthy lifestyle and other prevention measures. Brochures and flyers of the cardiological league are placed at everyone’s disposal.


Hope to see you there!

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